18 Temmuz 2015 Cumartesi

Ali Emre Sucu - The Role of International Non-Governmental Organizations in Contemporary International Relations : Example of Uzbekistan Civil Commotion Movement*

The phenomenon of civil society is the most significant factor for societies and states. In recent times, states are categorized whether they have strong civil societies and non-governmental organizations. At the same time, this phenomenon is related to modern international relations because the big powers use these organizations as a tool in their regional and worldwide politics. At this point, Uzbekistan Civil Commotion Movement and Muhammed Salih is a good example for observing the role of non-governmental organizations in the international relations system.

In terms of relations of civil society-democracy, democracy-nongovernmental organizations and international relations, the UCCM is assessed in this article. Thus, it is revealed that non-governmental organizations can effect the International Relations System.

Key words: Democracy, Civil Society, Muhammed Salih, Non-governmental Organizations, Civil Commotion Movement.